Grant (hippieatheart) wrote in atlanimalrescue,

Found Australian Shepherd Mix

Received this from one of the board members at our shelter and wanted to pass this along.

Folks, yet another found pup in the Brookhaven area. He appears to be
an australian shepherd mix....very very cute. This dog was at first
shy, until he was given treats by the people that found him, and then
he warmed right up.
He seems to be house trained, knows some obedience, and, is good with
their dog.
They are forced to keep him in their garage right now, as he's escaped
their back yard. Unfortunately, they are not in a position to keep
him, and want to avoid taking him to a shelter.

Not sure of the dogs age, or if he's neutered. He seems like a young
dog. They haven't been able to get him to a vet yet to be scanned for
a chip, but do intend to, as well as put up signs. He did have a
collar on, but, no identification.

He was found in the Brookhaven Heights neighborhood, which is in
Brookhaven right by the MARTA station. We live on Standard Drive.

If this dog is not claimed, he will need a new place to call home. We
are hopeful someone is missing him, and, he was not abandoned.

See the attached photo, and if you know of someone missing this dog,
please contact Rianna Day at email or

Thanks, as always,
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